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It's About


Bea's Ho-Made Products has been making small-batch jams, jellies, pickles, and pies from the homestead for over 60 years. One taste and you'll know why we are a Door County destination.

Maybe you've heard...

Or maybe you've had the good fortune to have actually enjoyed a slice of one of Bea's pies! We get inquiries all the time about whether we can ship them. People just crave our melt-in-the-mouth pie crusts and delicious fruit fillings. By the way, we don't use typical pie fillings. Nope. We use whole fruit, sugar, and a bit of flour to thicken. Yum! But... we don't ship them. They just wouldn't survive the journey. So sorry. Satisfy that craving with a trip to our store! We have all varieties available daily, frozen and unbaked. If you would like us to bake a pie for you, just give us a call to order one. We look forward to seeing you!

~ Sylvann

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