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Our Story

What does "small-batch mean?


Large producers make their products in gigantic vats. The product is piped and stirred and cooked in an array of closed steel and pressurized vessels. To prolong shelf life, artificial colors and stabilizers and preservatives are used.


Where is the love? ........


It's at Bea's Ho-Made Products.

Here, we make our products in a kitchen that is equiped much like your own kitchen at home is. We cook our jams on stovetops; stirring and watching and timing. When it's ready,  we pour the boiling jam into sterile jars. Then we listen for the satisfying "pop" that tells us all is well, the jar is sealed and ready for your table.


At a homestead owned since 1884, by four generations of Landins, Bea's Ho-Made Products is located one half mile east of Gills Rock, WI, on Hwy 42. The business started in 1961 when the Landins' oldest daughter started selling cherries from a picnic table by the roadside.The following year she included an over supply of beans and cucumbers from the garden. Motivated by her success, she added her grandmother's famous chopped cherry jam.


Today, Bea's has a modern facility which houses the kitchen, bakery, warehouse, and retail store. The jams, jellies, and pickles are made in the same manner as they were when the business started; in small batches and packed by hand. We add no artificial colors or stabilizers. You'll find only natural goodness in all of our products.

Bea's Jams - snapshots of lazy summer days...
Bea's famous
pies - avail.
frozen or fresh baked!
Scrumptuous Jams - Jam Packed with Fruit
We use only locally grown Door County Montmorency Cherries in our jams, jellies, sauces, and pies!

Locally Grown

cucumbers and Door County Cherries

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